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Article: 3 Day in Vegas : Exploring Eateries, Experiences, and Accommodation

3 Day in Vegas : Exploring Eateries, Experiences, and Accommodation

3 Day in Vegas : Exploring Eateries, Experiences, and Accommodation

Welcome to the vibrant chaos of Vegas, a place where excitement knows no bounds. This is only my second time here – the first was a bit of a disaster, but this visit was a blast. While our main purpose was to attend the Home Decor and Furniture Trade Show at the World Market Center, we also enjoyed the lively experiences that Las Vegas had to offer. Many of you were curious about our likes, doings, eats, and stay. Now, I'm no pro, and there's probably tons more to explore, but here's a glimpse of our adventure. 

Where We Stayed:

Our lodging choice landed us at the vibrant Virgin Hotel, one of the newest additions to the scene. After some online exploration, it seemed like the perfect fit. What drew me in was the playful and contemporary design of the rooms. The hotel's vibe was all about bringing the essence of the desert indoors – think cacti, Joshua trees, and red rock mountains adorning the decor. Throughout your stay, Virgin Hotels Las Vegas aims to immerse you in a desert-inspired experience.

Conveniently located not far from the airport and slightly off the bustling strip, the hotel offered a surprisingly serene atmosphere (as calm as Vegas can be, at least). The place had a charm to it, was impeccably clean, and wonderfully practical. While you'll certainly find your fair share of poker tables and slot machines, the hotel's layout and curation made it clear that a lot of thought had gone into its design.

Where we Ate:

Kassi Beach House:

For a journey to the Italian seaside without leaving Vegas, Kassi Beach House is a must. They serve up authentic coastal Italian cuisine that's not just delicious, but also transports you to the Mediterranean. From the mouthwatering dishes to the thoughtfully designed decor and inviting vibes, I was thoroughly enchanted. Situated within the Virgin Hotel, it even boasts an outdoor patio overlooking the pool.

The Wynn Buffet:

No Vegas trip is complete without diving into a buffet experience, and The Wynn Buffet lives up to the expectation. This place is colossal, and the array of fresh and delicious food is simply delightful. The staff are exceptionally friendly, ensuring your visit is enjoyable. A quick tip: Booking in advance can help you skip the lines and dive right into the feast.

Gallagher's Steakhouse:

Located on the Faux New York street, Gallagher's Steakhouse is all about that "authentic" steakhouse ambiance. The service is snappy and incredibly friendly, and the steaks are melt-in-your-mouth tender. If time permits, explore this hotel a bit more – arrive early and maybe even hop on the indoor-outdoor roller coaster in the casino for an added thrill.

Bardot Brasserie:

If you're up for a touch of French elegance in a fancy bistro setting, Bardot Brasserie is your spot. While it might be a tad pricier, the experience is well worth it. The food lives up to the French promise of excellence, and the ambiance is undeniably charming. The staff are exceptional across the board, making your visit all the more delightful.

What to Do:


Le Cirque du Soleil:

I have an absolute passion for Le Cirque du Soleil, and whenever I'm in a city hosting their show, I make a beeline for tickets. In Las Vegas, they have several ongoing shows. While we couldn't catch "O," we managed to book seats for "Mystère." It was a wonderful experience – the show has an air of mystery, enchantment, and humour. Even if you're with your kids, it's a great pick.


Fountains of Bellagio:

Right in front of the iconic Bellagio Hotel, the grand fountain performs a mesmerizing show every afternoon. Make sure to check the schedule as it changes daily. The ambiance is reminiscent of the romantic spots in Paris, Rome, London, and Madrid – fountains that ooze romance. Here's a tip: Stay for a second show; it's different from the first and definitely worth lingering a bit longer.

Take a Stroll:

Exploring the strip on foot is a classic must-do. Use the bridges to cross the street, wander through different hotels, and don't miss The Venetian for an immersive taste of Italy, the Eiffel Tower experience, The Sphere, and many other attractions. While it might sound a bit touristy (and let's be real, it is), it's also an absolute blast.

Venture Beyond:

If we make our way back, I've got a hankering to extend our stay a touch and perhaps rent a car for a broader exploration. The surroundings hold an undeniable allure – they say the desert has its own kind of magic. 

Getting Around:

Apart from the walkable strip, our main modes of transportation were shuttles (especially from the World Market Center to the hotels) and Uber rides. These options proved to be both efficient and considerably safer. The city itself isn't particularly pedestrian-friendly – the heat can be quite intense, so it's best not to expend unnecessary energy attempting to traverse on foot.

As we explored trends, indulged in delectable cuisines, and immersed ourselves in the city's unique ambiance, our Las Vegas sojourn was a testament to the dynamic synergy between classic favourites and emerging passions.

If you're eager to dive further into the trade show trends that captivated us, don't miss my other blog post: Unveiling Vegas: Exploring Trade Show Trends I Love, Both New and Old. It's a deeper dive into the trends that have piqued our curiosity and a continuation of our journey through the vibrant world of home decor and furniture.

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