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Heritage Square TrayHeritage Square Tray
Heritage Square Tray Sale price$45.00 CAD
Autumn Burst BranchAutumn Burst Branch
Autumn Burst Branch Sale price$25.00 CAD
Pom Pom Floral Spray CreamPom Pom Floral Spray Cream
Pom Pom Floral Spray Cream Sale price$17.00 CAD
Flowering Eucalyptus BranchFlowering Eucalyptus Branch
Flowering Eucalyptus Branch Sale price$18.00 CAD
Baby's Breath Floral SprayBaby's Breath Floral Spray
Baby's Breath Floral Spray Sale price$6.95 CAD
Sanicula Floral SpraySanicula Floral Spray
Sanicula Floral Spray Sale price$8.75 CAD
Check Weave PillowCheck Weave Pillow
Check Weave Pillow Sale priceFrom $65.00 CAD
Lennox Candle HolderLennox Candle Holder
Lennox Candle Holder Sale price$16.00 CAD
Naxos Pitcher VaseNaxos Pitcher Vase
Naxos Pitcher Vase Sale price$45.00 CAD
Provenance Burnt Terracotta VaseProvenance Burnt Terracotta Vase
Provenance Burnt Terracotta Vase Sale price$120.00 CAD
Cobble Paper Mache VaseCobble Paper Mache Vase
Cobble Paper Mache Vase Sale priceFrom $45.00 CAD
Hydrangea Floral SprayHydrangea Floral Spray
Hydrangea Floral Spray Sale price$29.00 CAD
Ribbed Olive VaseRibbed Olive Vase
Ribbed Olive Vase Sale price$19.95 CAD
Olive Taper HolderOlive Taper Holder
Olive Taper Holder Sale price$9.95 CAD
Issey Cotton TowelsIssey Cotton Towels
Issey Cotton Towels Sale priceFrom $9.00 CAD
Riviera Outdoor Decorative PillowRiviera Outdoor Decorative Pillow
Riviera Outdoor Decorative Pillow Sale priceFrom $75.00 CAD
Villa Capri CandleVilla Capri Candle
Villa Capri Candle Sale price$55.00 CAD
Bar Monti CandleBar Monti Candle
Bar Monti Candle Sale price$55.00 CAD
Hotel Flori CandleHotel Flori Candle
Hotel Flori Candle Sale price$55.00 CAD
Palisades CandlePalisades Candle
Palisades Candle Sale price$49.00 CAD
29 Palms Candle29 Palms Candle
29 Palms Candle Sale price$49.00 CAD
Euphoria CandleEuphoria Candle
Euphoria Candle Sale price$49.00 CAD
Jules Linen Coating TrayJules Linen Coating Tray
Jules Linen Coating Tray Sale priceFrom $25.00 CAD
Henry Linen Coating TrayHenry Linen Coating Tray
Henry Linen Coating Tray Sale priceFrom $25.00 CAD
Anne Linen Coating TrayAnne Linen Coating Tray
Anne Linen Coating Tray Sale priceFrom $25.00 CAD
Simone Linen Coating TraySimone Linen Coating Tray
Simone Linen Coating Tray Sale priceFrom $25.00 CAD
Michele Linen Coating TrayMichele Linen Coating Tray
Michele Linen Coating Tray Sale priceFrom $25.00 CAD
Grey Striped Linen Coating TrayGrey Striped Linen Coating Tray
Grey Striped Linen Coating Tray Sale priceFrom $25.00 CAD
Jesse Linen Coating TrayJesse Linen Coating Tray
Jesse Linen Coating Tray Sale priceFrom $25.00 CAD
Blue Striped Linen Coating TrayBlue Striped Linen Coating Tray
Blue Striped Linen Coating Tray Sale priceFrom $24.00 CAD
Francis Linen Coating TrayFrancis Linen Coating Tray
Francis Linen Coating Tray Sale priceFrom $25.00 CAD
Brass KnobsBrass Knobs
Brass Knobs Sale price$9.50 CAD
Sold outBrass Toilet Paper HolderBrass Toilet Paper Holder
Brass Toilet Paper Holder Sale price$36.00 CAD
Iron Toilet Paper HolderIron Toilet Paper Holder
Iron Toilet Paper Holder Sale price$25.00 CAD
KINTO Active Tumbler 600mlKINTO Active Tumbler 600ml
KINTO Active Tumbler 600ml Sale price$60.00 CAD
Prism Candle HolderPrism Candle Holder
Prism Candle Holder Sale priceFrom $8.00 CAD
Vegan Exfoliating Dry Body BrushVegan Exfoliating Dry Body Brush
Exfoliating Scrubber GloveExfoliating Scrubber Glove
Exfoliating Scrubber Glove Sale price$15.00 CAD
Dish Brush with Replaceable HeadDish Brush with Replaceable Head
Sold outExfoliating Soap BagExfoliating Soap Bag
Exfoliating Soap Bag Sale price$9.00 CAD
Vegetable & Fruit Cleaning BrushVegetable & Fruit Cleaning Brush
Wooden Nail Brush CleanerWooden Nail Brush Cleaner
Wooden Nail Brush Cleaner Sale price$12.00 CAD
Portable Mini Glass Mushroom LampPortable Mini Glass Mushroom Lamp
Portable Mini Glass Mushroom Lamp Sale price$120.00 CAD
Sold outCloud Kantha Bed QuiltCloud Kantha Bed Quilt
Cloud Kantha Bed Quilt Sale price$350.00 CAD
Maeve Block Print PillowMaeve Block Print Pillow
Maeve Block Print Pillow Sale priceFrom $99.00 CAD
Carolina Block Print PillowCarolina Block Print Pillow
Carolina Block Print Pillow Sale price$95.00 CAD
Block Print Botanical Light ShadeBlock Print Botanical Light Shade
Block Print Striped Light ShadeBlock Print Striped Light Shade
Block Print Striped Light Shade Sale price$65.00 CAD