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Article: Spring Decor ideas

Spring Decor ideas

Spring Decor ideas

Spring is almost here! Around this time of year, I get the urge to switch things up at home and bring in decor that feels refreshing.
Of course, I won’t redecorate my entire place (as tempting as that sounds), but you can capture a dramatic new feel without tons of effort. Here are a few tips on changing little things to bring a fresher vibe to your space.

1) What’s behind the curtain?

Curtains are sort of underrated. But I believe that the key to setting the tone in any room lies behind the curtains.
Depending on the fabric, thickness, and colour, you can switch up the mood and set a different vibe in any room. I love my velvet curtains, they make my bedroom feel so cozy and warm. BUT I adore linen for sunnier days, it’s so much lighter, and you can almost see through it. So you’re sure to soak up some sunshine even indoors. SOCCO Blush linen curtains with Black clips

2) Pillows: An oldie, but a goodie
No home decor lover can ever have too many pillows.
I love neutral tones in my decor. But for spring, I wanted to add a few splashes of pastel colour. Colourful pillows are the perfect compromise. You still get that refreshed feeling, but without the big commitment of painting an accent wall.
Spring also means storing away my wool blankets and heavier pillows (which I’ll miss dearly and enjoy taking out again in the fall). But to brighten up the mood for the season, I’ll opt for lighter fabrics like linen and cotton. SOCCO cotton and linen decorative pillows

3) Adding colours with accent decor 

This year, I’m really into coloured glass details. To help me welcome the new season, I invited these Green Moroccan Beldi Glasses to join my glassware collection and added these beautiful candle holders. These elements blend perfectly with my neutral palette at home and add a subtle touch of colour.

When you’re ready to switch things up again, it’s as easy as buying taper candles in different colours.

SOCCO recycled glassware and taper candle holders

4) Rugs

Later this month, when the weather dries out, I can’t wait to change my doormat. I’ve already found the perfect one! 
Like curtains, rugs are the main players when it comes to setting the mood in a room. I added this colourful area rug to contrast with my neutral one under my coffee table. I love the boho feel, and it’s easy to see how much it instantly changes the entire room. SOCCO Colourful rug layered on neutral

5) Spring/summer vibes and straw details

I’ve always enjoyed straw details. My love for straw comes out in full force during the spring and summer. The natural look of woven straw is an easy way to bring an outdoor vibe inside. 
Like a lot of city dwellers, I don’t have outdoor space. So I need all the outdoor vibes I can get. Who doesn’t love opening their windows and enjoying some fresh and breezy air? Well, here in Toronto, it’s more of a brisk wind. But we’ll get to those sweet summer breezes soon. This trunk is also the perfect storage spot for any blankets and pillows that I need to retire until the fall.SOCCO straw trunks and market basket

Is your space feeling spring ready? If you’re not quite there yet, I’d love to hear which tips you’re using to spruce up your home. Follow us on Instagram @socoannex and let us know!

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