From Europe with love,

This week I traveled to Paris to attend the Trade-show Maison & Objet: the Home decor temple where makers, designers, artists, sellers, and buyers meet. It is one of the most inspiring experiences. It was too good not to share, so from Paris with love here are a few of my favourite trends for 2022.

Blue is the new black: 

Blue is everywhere and in every shade. From royal blue to pastel blue, it is THE colour of the year for the Parisians

Furniture and home decor steeped in history

It is probably the “trend” I cherish the most: Vintage, Old, Upcycled, and more importantly UNIQUE pieces. I’ve seen a lot of historical furniture and decor being sold by vendors. They travel the world and collect old pieces to give them a second (and sometimes a 10th) chance to shine in a new home.

Coloured glass

Colourful home accessories are trending, especially when it comes to glassware. From glass light fixtures to your everyday water glass, I’ve seen them all and I love them.

Organic shaped everything: 

From mirrors to dishes, we are noticing more and more artisanal finishes.