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Article: Caring for linen: How to dry linen sheets

Caring for linen: How to dry linen sheets

Caring for linen: How to dry linen sheets

How to dry linen sheetsSo you’ve carefully washed your linen sheets on a gentle cycle with mild detergent. Now it’s time to get those sheets dry and back on your bed.

Does linen shrink in the dryer?

Yes. Since it’s a natural fabric, linen can shrink in the dryer and the washer if the cycle is too hot. That’s why it’s so important to follow the care instructions on the tag. They’ll tell you the ideal temperatures to use for both cycles. Remember that washing your sheets in cold water and drying them on the lowest heat setting and for the shortest amount of time possible is the best way to avoid shrinking them.

Why does linen wrinkle easily?

Once your linen bedding is freshly washed and dried, they’re ready for you to relax on once again. But if they look a little too lived in for your taste after drying, what can you do to get rid of wrinkles and creases? And why does linen wrinkle easily? 

Here’s a bit of the science behind it. Linen is a plant-based fabric–that’s one reason why we love it so much–and the hydrogen bonds that make it so durable also play a role in wrinkles and creases. These bonds repeatedly break down and re-form, creating wrinkles in the fabric. 

You can iron your linen bedding on the lowest setting to get rid of wrinkles. Just make sure not to rest the iron over one spot for too long. However, we like to take the easier route by using dryer balls.

Take your linen care a step further

To reduce static sustainably, use dryer balls like these wool ones.

Are dryer balls better than dryer sheets? We sure think so, but you can be the judge. Here are a few of the benefits of using dryer balls. 

  • These wool balls reduce your drying time.
  • They last for years.
  • They leave behind zero waste.

You can also try our linen sprays for an extra fresh feeling. They’re available in two scents: calming lavender and the invigorating mint and eucalyptus.

Take a look at our shop for all of your linen bedding needs.

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