Moroccan Beldi Glass

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Beldi, a word used to describe many things in Moroccan culture, finds its form in this traditional Moroccan glassware. Mouth-blown using recycled glass, our collection is available in three sizes offering a variety of uses. Used traditionally to serve tea, the lip of the glass allows a place to easily grasp. Simplistic and timeless, yet sure to elevate any table setting. Available in three sizes.

Available in three colours - Bronze, from recycled wine bottles. Green, from recycled beer bottles. Clear, from recycled clear glass. 

Small: 2" Diameter x 3.25" H / 90 mL
Medium: 2.5" Diameter x 4.5" H / 220 mL
Large: 2.9" Diameter x 5.1" H / 300 mL

Made from recycled tempered glass, sustainable, and dishwasher safe.

Customer Reviews

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Marjan khaleeli
Love these glasses

The shape
The size
Reusable glass
They are a really nice addition to any breakfast, lunch or dinner
Really elevates the decor in a subtle way.
The ones on the table are the medium sized glasses.